Garonne “6 days on the Garonne”

6 days on the Garonne

On May 29 2017, brothers Jérôme and Jean-François Duplaix left Toulouse in their Kayak on the Garonne, reaching Bordeaux on the 3rd of June during the river festival. For more information => visit the 6 days on the Garonne website

Along with other enthusiasts, the Canalfriends community was delighted to support and accompany them at various stages of their journey. Relive the moment in images and videos.

From Belleperche Abbey at saint Nicolas de la Grave (Tarn et Garonne), in a Rand’eau Loisirs Canoe.

Agen – Passing under the Canal bridge (Lot et Garonne)

 Departing Marmande on the canoe from Canoes de Garonne were Nicolas, Kevin, Vanessa and te Sprint’Eau team.  Stopover at the Maison de Garonne. Received for the evening by Michel Baillon/Le Relais de Garonne, the inhabitants of the village and the Entre-deux-Mers tourist office.  (Lot-et-Garonne & Gironde)

At Lestiac, the association de la Cale received them for dinner (photos by Benoit Dupont).  Then from the heights of the Cabins in the vineyards of Chateau Bessan located on the banks. (Photos Mathieu Verdier)

Accompanying the brothers from Portets to Bordeaux: Nicolas Lafon/Lou Canoe, the kayak de mer de Abi, the Sprint’eau team, jeff/bestofkayak, Paddle School Arcachon, Les Marins de la Lune, Serge et Gérard. 2nd video by Jeff.

Tempted by the journey?

Discover the Garonne. Organise your stay by downloading the Canalfriends free guide of the Garonne river and Garonne Canal. Contact the members who took part in this event.

Téléchargez gratuitement le  guide 2017 Garonne & canal de Garonne.

guide de voyage; canal de garonne; garonne

Jérôme Duverneuil /Rand’Eau Loisirs à Moissac : location canoës, vélos, bateaux électriques

canoes; kayak; garonne; tarn; moissac

Hugues Savoie /Canoës de Garonne à Hure : location de canoës & vélos

location canoe, velo, garonne, gironde, marmande

Michel Baillon / Chambres d’hôtes Le Relais de la Garonne à Bourdelles

chambres d hotes, garonne, gironde

Association de la Cale de Lestiac qui entretient et rend accessible une cale sur Garonne

cale; garonne; port

La cabane dans les vignes/Château Bessan vin bio. Bar à vin certains jours.

oenotourisme, vin bio, bordeaux, garonne

L’office de tourisme Val de Garonne et la Maison des gens de Garonne

garonne; patrimoine, innodation; canalfriends

L’office de Tourisme de Moissac

garonne bordeaux

Special mention

Nicolas Lafon/Lou Canoë, Abi et Meika their dog..We are going to take a very serious interest in la Leyre.

location canoe, location kayak, la leyre, Canalfriends

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