Garonne Canal : Agen / Sainte Colombe en Bruilhois / Sérignac sur Garonne

On  our last initiation day on June 18, 2016, waterways enthusiasts and boat owners spent the day on the Garonne Canal amid  a variety of  boats.  Some participants followed on foot, some by bike or and others by boat from Agen to Sérignac-sur-Garonne where a picnic was held.  See the programme below and register to be kept informed of future events.


The Elisabeth, 1908 boat, heritage listed

canalfriends.com captain sunset 2

Captain Sunset, a prototype of  an energie efficient boat (solar / water)

canalfriends.com libertyship

Boat trips on the Ar Louarn, old american army boat

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Pont canal canalfriends
Canal de garonne canalfriends
Canalfriends.com boatstop, location bateaux, vélo, canaux et rivieres boat rental, accommodation, canals & rivers

Programme for the day (provisional):

  • 10 am: Meet boat owners  in Agen port over coffee  offered by café Launay
  • 10:30: Boats leave for Sainte-Colombe in Bruihois
    • Accompanied by those who would like to follow by boat, cycling or walking
    • A ride may be possible on the Ar Louarn (maximum 12 places). For further information and booking, contact Philippe / Cruises Liberty Ship: 06 14 13 15 39
    • Try BoatStop with Dominque and François on the Elizabeth and Peter on Captain Sunset.   BoatStop is a friendly and easy way to discover boating by accompanying boat owners on their regular journeys and participating towards costs. Bookings will not be possible on the day, so contact the boat owners directly for availability.
  • 1 pm : Arrive Sainte Colombe in Bruilhois for a general picnic: everyone brings a picnic.  At Agen, feel free to leave your picnics on the boats so that you can wal or cycle lighter
  • 3 pm: Boats and cyclists leave for Serignac / Garonne port
  • 4 pm: arrive Sérignac / Garonne;  there will be a music festival in the village from 6.30

If you are not free on June 18, here are other possibilities to meet owners and enthusiasts:

  • Before June 18: Accompany them to Agen
    • The Elisabeth departs June 10 from Toulouse
    • The Captain Sunset is currently at Moissac
    • The Ar Louarn departs from Montbartier
  • After June 18:   BoatStop 
  • Accompany the Elisabeth and the Captain Sunset to Bordeaux; option to sleep in guest cabins. Furthermore,  discover the Elisabeth’s cuisine or try the camping on the solar boat.
  • Return to Montbartier on the Ar Louarn
Canalfriends.com skydric

The day will be filmed by a Skydric drone

cafe launay canalfriends

Coffee offered by Café Launay

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